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Speech & Drama

About Speech & Drama Course

Speech & Drama classes are highly interactive and use communicative games, improvisation and drama type activities for fine-tuning spoken and listening techniques and skills. The learning by doing approach is used throughout the course. Classes are fun, challenging and help learners improve their self-confidence, build trust and develop creativity. Imagine Speech & Drama courses are suitable for all levels and focus on speaking, listening, articulation, intonation and pronunciation. The drama approach allows learners to gain the confidence of using a foreign language in and outside the classroom. Real communication involves ideas, emotions, feelings, appropriateness and adaptability. Our courses give learners an opportunity to use language in this manner and develop fluency in it. We believe that we learn best through creative means. We also believe that learning should be fun!

More benefits of Speech & Drama courses:
  • Develop fluency and clarity of speech for effective oral communication
  • Improve articulation, voice, pronunciation and rhythm of speech
  • Correct problem areas in listening and speaking
  • Gain a better command of communication skills
  • Nurture creativity and thinking skills
  • Build confidence in using English in a variety of settings
  • Expand general English vocabulary
Speech & Drama classes develop and enrich these skills:
  • Listening
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Pronunciation
  • Articulation
  • Body language
  • Presentation
  • Foreign language
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity

Course Information

  • Autumn/Winter 2016 semester starts September 29th 2016

  • Speech & Drama courses are taught by trained and experienced native speaker instructors

  • Course Language: English (all type of students) or French (adults only)

  • Course duration: 18 weeks / 1 x 60min. per week (Kids & Teens), 1 x 90min. per week (Adults)

  • Class size: 6 – 8 students

  • Minimum language level required: Pre-intermediate (If you’re not sure of your level, please contact us)

  • Please register at least 48 hours in advance before coming to a lesson

  • Price includes all course materials, certificate of completion and a final performance by the students

Class Venue

Rešetkova 9, 831 03, Bratislava

Course Options

Speech & Drama in English
or 6€ pay as you go

18 weeks / 1 x 60 min per week, Thursdays 14:00 to 15:00

Speech & Drama in English
or 6€ pay as you go

18 weeks / 1 x 60 min per week. Mondays 15:00 to 16:00

Speech & Drama in English
or 10€ pay as you go

18 weeks / 1 x 90 min per week, Thursdays, 19:00 to 20:30

Speech & Drama in French
or 10€ pay as you go

18 weeks / 1 x 90 min per week, Tuesdays, 19:00 to 20:30


I like Hon’s lessons because they are not boring. We usually practise by playing the games. It makes us to be active.

Jana Jarošová - ČSOB Asset Management

I did not expect some evident improvement in my English, as I use it on daily basis some years already. Today I see my pronunciation is really getting better.

Bronislava Caránková - Commercial Assistant, Krauthammer Slovakia

I appreciate teacher’s approach in a seeking the most optimal approach and form that new knowledge is provided by.

Vladimír Baksa - Advertising Department Manager, Allianz Slovensko

I value teacher’s individual approach to the needs of the group

Otto Nagy - Security Technician, Slovenská Sporiteľna

For a time of about a year, my English has visibly improved and my self-confidence has gone higher in situations when I have to speak English.

Libor Gabaj - Software Architect, Erste Bank Group Slovakia
Phone: +421 919 235 919 (Slovensky)
+421 918 895 948 (English)
Rešetkova 9